Efficacy Soursop Leaf

Soursop fruit plants from the Caribbean, Central America and South America. The scientific name is often said to be the fruit durian Netherlands are Annona moricata has spread up into the Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia.
benefits of soursop leaf. Artikel Kesehatan

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There are two main parts of this fruit, meat first and second are the leaves. Most people in Aceh choose soursop leaves as traditional medicine such as cough, there is also used to treat ulcers. Use of soursop leaf is enabled for the body, such as maintaining a healthy body from the inside.
Efficacy Soursop Leaf

According to records adapted by Wikipedia, the benefits of soursop leaves turn out 10,000 times more intense than the care of cancer chemotherapy. The conclusions derived from the research that has been done, also reinforced by the ancient peoples who left insights about the manner of utilizing the soursop leaves to treat various types of diseases.
In the middle of 1965, scholars have carried out tests on soursop leaf extract with the aim of providing the public proving the efficacy of soursop leaves much better than chemotherapy. The study also yielded results that soursop leaf extract is able to slow down the pace of development of cancer cells in the body sufferers.
The National Cancer Institute also prove the news broke eleven years ago in mid-1976 by selecting the soursop tree trunks or branches in terms of dealing with cancer. The positive results obtained, it turns the leaves and stems of soursop able to fight and destroy cancer cells. The role turned out to be blessed by a pro-active compounds are very high in the stems and leaves of soursop for the health of the body, the compound is believed to be one of the elements that are hard to find in other plants.
Has recently also been many studies in the form of research on the soursop tree leaf level of effectiveness in dealing with prostate cancer, pancreas and lungs are very capable. The results of this research turned out to have been around a long time, it’s just still a secret because they fear formerly researchers broke the story that has not been true.


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